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Remember the days when you wanted to buy a car? You used to pick up your local paper and browse the classifieds; pages and pages of used cars for sale from local used car dealers big and small; offering everything from Minis to Bentleys, Alfas to Zagatos, everything and anything you needed. You'd see the cars you were looking for, as well as something a little different possibly catching your eye, and surprisingly affordable!

These days with Internet motor sites you put into a search box exactly what you think is the right car for you and that's basically what you get, together with loads of ads bombarding you for days after with offers of holidays, vouchers, insurance, finance and stuff you never knew you needed!

We all know the Internet is here to stay but we've listened to people who tell us they want to see local used cars from local used car dealers, not something 200 miles away from home that if it goes wrong they can't go back and get fixed; people who want to buy a car with peace of mind but also want to be able to browse all kinds of used cars simply to get a good idea what's available and what they could get, that maybe, they didn't know they could even afford.

That's why, much to the delight of used car buyers and sellers everywhere, Used Car Co has Brought Back Browsing! Now you can browse cars for sale in your local town, county or region, even nationally, if you want. You can see exactly what's available just down your road or a little further afield but most importantly you can buy your car locally, service your car locally, all with the peace of mind that comes as standard.

To start browsing just click on the browse used cars for sale links above. You can be assured that there will actually be cars for sale from local dealers behind those links. You can also do the same if you want to browse used cars for sale by brand. Oh and if you are in a bit of a rush, you can, if you want, use the used car search facility. But remember, better browse to find a bargain or the car of your dreams.

By the way, we've asked local dealers to let you know through Used Car Co, some of the things that are going on locally in the motor news section. To let you see some of the things their customers are saying to them, about their experience while buying a car in the motor dealer reviews section. We've also added a section to help local car Dealers find local people looking for jobs to fill any vacancies they may have in their dealership, all of which appear in the motor jobs section.

Welcome to Used Car Co we hope you like it and we hope you find the car of your dreams or just the car you need. If you do why not share the news with your friends and family?

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